siamo piazzati bene

Some months ago I told to A. & D. (friends of mine, a psychologist and a writer) : I leave Germany and I never return in being a psychologist, I hate adults: that has been the reason why I preferred being a teacher for children at base school. Children cannot have accumulated so much dirtiness in their less years of life. As a psychologist you take a look behind the scenes and there you can meet a lot of dirtiness. I've seen a lot, too much, I don't want to look any longer behind the scenes of humans, I'm not interested at all in looking behind the scenes to see human dirtiness day by day. I will not proceed in being a psychologist.

I went to Italy and I felt in love with a view, not with a person. I'm in love with a view on a town : L'Aquila. Arrived it just needed a few hours and I knew that this will be my new home: a real place, a place of honesty, suffering and bright people. People that had become better people - deeper in emotion and clearer in mind. Suffering taught them what is important and what is not. Up from this moment I concentrated all my energy to leave dirty Germany & superficial Germans to enter L'Aquila | Italia.

L'Aquila is true ! L'Aquila is real. If real life makes me suffering it will be accepted by me. But I NEVER accept suffering out of lies, I never did, I never will ! I never will return to Germany & the Germans, I throw away dirtiness out of my life, I will throw away the German passaporto, I also will throw away my German name (and take a new one given by myself). I will throw away ALL that's smells being a German and I beg the Italians lettin' me in. There cannot be a person out of holocaust that contemn Germany & the Germans more than I - a German - do ! As soon as Italy will accept me as being a citizen it will be done.

Just arrived the second time in front of Pasqua I entered a Bar for having breakfast and saw a girl alone at a table alone by herself. In front of her a laptop. She was accompanied by a machine. A machine is true, humans are not. And I went in front of you, vor dir - mit mir happened ...

vor dir - mit mir

von einer deiner Farben
(eine meiner)

habe ich rumgealbert
um dir die Angst zu nehmen
(vor mir)

die du vielleicht gar nicht hattest

für deine Geduld
(mit mir)

ich kann auch anders
(ich werde es zumindest versuchen)

2016 03 24, per una donna dell'Aquila

da war noch was ...

ein Blick
und Worte
(von dir)

hat sich eingebrannt
(in mir)


Desert Rose

good bye kiss

you've chosen you're name to die
I've chosen mine to set me free

too many have died
too many that died

spreaded traces
you didn't pick up

cannot bear it any longer
save myself

find a way
to share the silence
I will return

but time may running out
tears will running out

I decide to be alive
I will keep alive
I will not stay


to be what you prefer

have to accept

2016 06 16, Pinie Mand

dedicated to ...
don't mention your name
because I care on you

homeless in relationships

Whole the winter she daily attended lunch with others of our type (in Ludwigsburg). Often she watched on keeping free the seat next to her and she had a smile in her face when I arrived and asked, whether this place is still to use.

She named me "Schatzi" (as we would have been in an intimate relationship) and she used the possibilities that some situations offered to be tender. If there had not been such a situation for a longer time she created one :) She liked to touch me with her hands. She had fun to care whether I have enough to eat or whether I want to have some more.

Her home was not her family. Her home was our type:
not homeless in rooms ... homeless in relationships.

She was high sensitive.

2016 06 01 - we keep you as value in us

non dimenticarti di amare
vergiss nicht zu lieben

Festa della donna, 08 marzo

let's have a dance with them

saying thank you & sorry

(because we) silly guys

are hurting them

donna di oggi & di domani

was hat er schon

ein' Schwanz

was ist er schon


there are many ways to hurt a woman

looking away if he is a bad one

taking away if he is a good one

Come sento ?

ingegnere donna

ein Schwanz schaut auf dich herunter
dein' Rücken hat er nicht verdient

mach' ihn allein

ein Wixer halt
der mit dem Schwanz

Wenn der


meint, mit seiner ...

Schei.e aus sich selbst heraus

... die Welt beglücken zu müssen, dann ist

ein Maximum an

Sinnlosigkeit, Desorientiertheit, Idiotie

erreicht, das uns als


verkauft wird


Baustelle Kopf - rotto in la testa - black in mind

Dove ? L'Aquila, Teatro Comunale

drecksbestimmt + fremdbestimmt = verstimmt

lost soul(s)

where can we go, if theatre is shit determined ? Non lo so.

La testa delle molti artisti e una cosa per un|a psicologo|a
qualque volta penso che e troppo tardi per psicologia
( abbiamo sufficiente lobotomizzato|a ? )

2017 03 20, Pinie Mand

wenn es denn sein muss

to be or not to be

is from a great


my version is

if it has to be

the story follows later
for the moment just following (words) ...

I leave ( if it has to be ), because
I prefer to be (in love)

if necessary ...

alone by myself

instead of not to be (in hate)

2017 03 27