family affairs
     lies and silence

In my opinion there are at least two kinds of lies - lying to each other & lying to oneself.

Lying to each other is an effective way to destroy a family from inside out. I will describe how it can destroy a family completely and especially all of their members individually over several generations. Holding on a single terrible lie by one family member can be sufficient.

Lying to oneself is a consequent way to loose the ground under ones feet and straightly can lead into crazyness (in various manifestations of disordered realities).

Me, myself, I - out of this german family in the third generation - have been in the focus of a family affair that has broken the sister, the brother, the mother, the father, grandmother and grandfather. All are dead. I'm alive. I've survived. I'm the only one, who survived the bad effects of a direful lie. Why did I survive ? How could this be possible ? I'm not completely sure, but one reason may be that I always have been in search for truth, that means I didn't accept walking along the lie.

This will be a report of a german family over a period of three generations, from the First World War to the Second into a difficult post war area in the 40th & 50th over a political misleading area in the 60th and 70th to a period of a horrible & superficial area in the 80th & 90th onto the completely inhumanitary banality - a typical German Leadership Desorientation as we have had in the First & Second World War, too - represented by german political leaders of today.

One person out of my family had done a very significant contribution to destroy further members. This person had been guilty for harm from inside out. We (you too | you two | U2) have been | are still embedded in a terrible German World determined by horrible politician & economic misleaders. My german family always had been under pressure of inhumanity = leadership incompetence => today their names are "Merkel", "Schröder", "Kohl" & (e.g.) "Zetsche", "Mehdorn", "Grube". These misleaders are - in their basically evil network, (hormic individually stupid) in conscious or (intellectual stupid) in unconscious manner - responsible for the distress for not only one, they are guilty for the harm of thousands x thousands of german families from outside in ...

... me & you too

Frank Otto Haug, 2016 02 12