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Early in the morning CSN with me I'm not alone. I'll try to describe my way to the idea of a human intelligence grid, a term that reached my mind in this special arrangement of words yesterday morning.

The historical-theoretical background can be found in ideas of Bertrand Russell (logical types) , but it can be seen the meritoriousness of Gregory Bateson to have applied some of these essential thoughts especially to social systems.

In February 1993 I did my very personal exam to check, whether I've understood the reality of Gregory Bateson sufficiently: I wrote down my view of the human individual nature into the article Detail < Wissen < Geist (yet in German only). It contains my thoughts about the mentality of a human can be seen to be cybernetic (any reader of these notes should be prompted to add critics with references on those, who did this prior or later to 1993). Other people - e.g Mara Selvini Palazzoli - applied (in conscious or in unconscious manner - I'm not sure) - Bateson's ideas on systems of individuals: families with members in psychiatric disorder.

In 1995 I created the logo mg-cbs for a business concept, based on the theoretical ground of Detail < Wissen < Geist and I tried to realize it with friends, but we didn't have been successful.

In June 2000 I was in contact with a person who was willing to pay attention to my ideas. Insieme in Villaggio Europa (Italy) we created a poster using the logo of mg-cbs for the first time. I sadly have to say, that he was killed by a driver in a very fast German car (a Audi) in the early years of the new millennium. I miss you, Thiemo.

2011 to 2015 I focused on groups of people with a very high intellectual capacity (intelligence) out of Mensa, hoping to find some of them to share & work on ideas to bring them onto a better level. I didn't find anyone. And I realized that there is a social component, that must be taken into account, if the development & use of a human intelligence grid should be successful.

Now I intend to make a new try with people that are organized near by Karlsruhe, Germany. A lot of them are students. Many of them are provided with enough mental strength to develop ideas. Will they be willing & able to bring a balanced human intelligence grid into our world ? I don't know. The problem would not be a lack in intellectual capacity. I'm not sure, whether the social skills would be sufficient.

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2015 10 29 07 40 a m - first version - text still under construction

2015 10 31 - updated


These (my) exposed ideas - in this article - are not new, not at all. It can be found (for the first time as far as I can see) in Psychiatry, Vol. 34, Nr. 1, S. 1-18, 1971.

In Italiano it can be found in VERSO UN'ECOLOGIA DELLA MENTE, Gregory Bateson, prima edizione: ottobre 1977, "La cibernetica dell'io: ...", p. 357

Do you have a German translation ? Throw it away: The honored German suhrcamp verlag (I cannot stop laughing) did the first (terrible) fault already in the translation of the title: "Íkologie des Geistes (1980)". The important "steps to (an ecology of mind)" had been completely erased; The deciders of the suhrcamp verlag - maybe - tried to adjust "free, fresh & open (British) thinking" to the mental limitations of the closed minded German rectangles.

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